Social Conference Management for Model United Nations

“mymun has transformed Model UN by upgrading it to the next level, providing conference organizers with powerful tools to manage their simulations and creating a social experience for delegates unmatched by any other. mymun is the Model UN platform for delegates and organizers.” —Jonathan Sasson

National Model Un Clubs Group

National Model UN Clubs Group is Canada’s main delegate group page, dedicated to building a community where fellow delegates can network, advertise their own conferences, and look for resources to continue improving conferences in their communities. Join the nation-wide community and become part of a wider Model UN delegate family. Follow us on Instagram (@nationalmodelungroup).

Bangladesh International Tutorial Model United Nations Club

Bangladesh International Tutorial Model United Nations provides a platform for an academic simulation of the United Nations (UN) that aims to educate participants about world affairs, international relations and diplomacy. The participants role-play as diplomats representing a nation in a simulated session of a committee of the United Nations.

Benilde Model United Nations

BenildeMUN provides a platform wherein delegates are given the opportunity to be representatives of various countries around the world in addressing relevant issues in the political, economic, and socio-cultural facets of society that are of relevance to the international community. Since its creation in 1998, the annual Benilde Model United Nations conference has provided active collaboration and concerted efforts amongst Benildean and non-Benildean students, both from the local and international level, that specialize in various fields of interest and expertise.

House of Youth Dialogue (HYD)

When it comes to take the name of House of Youth Dialogue – HYD, it is noteworthy to acknowledge the masterminds behind the history and legacy of HYD. The HYD team has got fame for organizing MUN conferences at a higher frequency and efficiency. HYD team members have been the very first visionaries to think beyond the national borders and go global. HYD team’s current operation lies in South Asian countries. The team now aspires to set their operations to UK, Canada and Australia in the near future. Let’s see the thought tanks of this team who has been creating history for youth development.

Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA)

IMUNA is an educational non-profit organization that provides students and young professionals with tools and experience in the fields of diplomacy, decision making, conflict resolution, strategy and public speaking. Its main goal is to promote discussion and cooperation amongst our students and young professionals. Our students, coming from 12 different societies and consisting altogether of about 500 students, attend highly Academic IMUNA Conferences nationally and travel abroad with their society to different International Conferences to put the tools and experience in action.

Israeli Model United Nations Association International Conference

The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) is proud to announe that the Fourth Edition of the International IMUNA Conference will be hosted at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, home to the award winning IDC Model UN Society. IMUNA is committed to bolster negotiation, discussion and debate. We are also delighted to be able to offer discounted accommodation, as well as free travel from the accommodation to the conference (email us for more details). We proudly present “The IMUNA International Conference 2018”.

Tel Aviv University Model United Nations (TLVMUN)

The Israeli Model UN Association proudly presents the largest international MUN conference in Israel – TLVMUN!